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Sonderangebot : Kostenloser Versand



Frequently asked questions

Q1: Why should I buy this product?

A1: It’s lightweight (unlike the stainless-steel ones which are very heavy), It’s a limited-edition product with promotions and deals so the supply IS LIMITED. In addition, it doesn’t make your hands smell like steel or copper like the coins or other product. 

Q2: Why is it better than a chip? 

A2: Because it’s really like a key in your keyring so you cannot lose it or forget it.

Q3: Will it work in my supermarket? 

A3: Yes, it is compatible with all the German supermarkets. 

Q4: Isn’t a bit expensive? 

A4: The trolley key/shopping cart key is fancy, elegant and bold it’s made of High-End recycled hard durable plastic with a special edition classy black and white look, which leads to high production costs.